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My name is John, I am in my late 40’s (as of 2017), married with two kids.  I currently live and work in Ontario, Canada.

I have been a computer software developer for over 20 years, however recently took a break from coding.  I am now eager and ready to get back into my preferred software coding, which is related to games.  I have not done this type of coding before.

I have extensive experience in coding, however 99% of this experience is in 4th generation programming languages.  In my opinion this type of coding experience does not convert well into object oriented coding, however on the plus side I have a good foundation on how to design software.

The purpose of this website is to show prospective game developers that there is a way to create games using software and resources that are 100% free.  I have always had a strong interest in computer games, even from a young age.  The issue with game development in my youth was that the price entry point to game development was exorbitant.  The only way you could get into the game industry without having significant investment, was to work for a game developer.  I was not fortunate enough to land such a job so I ended up in the commercial software development industry, until now!  I feel lucky that this opportunity has arisen for myself and all that are interested in game development, as the industry has changed significantly, so much so that the investment needed to test the waters is now zero!

You can still learn a lot from the free resources available, even if you eventually decide that game development is not for you.

I will be updating this site with diary type posts that show my progress along the way to creating and publishing my first game on both Android and iOS platforms.

I hope you will join me on this journey and enjoy the information I have provided.