The Best Unity 3D Tutorials For Beginners

I am now on the more exciting courses!  I have selected a Unity3d course by Joshua Kinney  (Link). If you are looking for Unity 3d tutorials for beginners, then this is the course for you. It has got a near perfect rating and is just over 4 1/2 hours long.  If you don’t have a free subscription to PluralSight, then go to our  home page to find out how to get setup.

unity 3d tutorials for beginners

Unity3D For Beginners

This lesson starts with information on how to start a new project. You should already be signed up at unity so if you are not, just follow this link ( and create your free account.

Unity Interface Part 1

When you start working with a new piece of software, it is important to understand the layout. The beginning of this course offers a basic overview of the Unity interface.

There is a brief description of the hierarchy view, scene view, and game view. The course will then touch on the inspector view, which should be on the right-hand side. If you do not see the inspector view, it is most likely because you are on the Services tab. Click on the Inspector tab.

At this stage, you might not be able to follow along as there is a possibility you do not have a camera or directional light in your scene view. If you do, then you can skip the rest of this paragraph. To create a directional light, look on the left top of the screen. You should see a create button. Click the create button, hover your cursor over the light selection, then select direction light. The light should appear on the screen. The next thing to do is create the camera, so click the same create button and select camera. You might want to use the red line to move the camera as it will be created over the light. Just left click the red line and move the camera to the left so that it is the same as the course layout.

Unity Interface Part 2

The next part of the interface you will look at is the projects tab and console tab. Game objects will all be on the projects tab. After this you will look at the preset layouts, this is important as some of the other lessons you view at PluralSight might use different layouts. The layouts are very flexible which is one of the things I like about Unity.

Knowing how to move around the scene view will help you a lot as you will be doing this a great deal when working with Unity. A quick overview on how to move around the scene is explained at the end of the “breaking down the interface” lesson.

File Management

The management of files all about how to organize the game you are creating.  You will be importing assets, however, if you can not import assets then follow directions below:

  1. Go to
  2. Click download exercise files.
  3. Unzip the above file.
  4. Open the folder where you unzipped the file.
  5. Drag and drop what you need.

Creating Prefabs, Materials and Terrain.

In this part of the tutorial will first start working with prefabs. You will move and asset into the scene view by dragging and dropping it. You will be working a lot with the inspector in this portion of the training and doing things such as moving the object around the screen. The actual prefab will now be created, and it is quite easy to do. Prefabs will help you to make changes very quickly.

Next, we will learn how to create materials. Materials is quite a cool lesson, and if you are following along just remember to create a “test” material as the one used in the lesson might already be created. You will be asked to complete the rest of the assets by repeating what we have just learned.

Creating the terrain is the next lesson. You will learn a quick way on how to build the terrain as well as test out the size of your character. The end of terrain creation leads us perfectly into the next lesson, which will be in the next post.


I am only about a quarter way through this lesson, so I will continue my review in my next post, day 7. Unity 3d tutorials for beginners is important, so I do have others that I will be looking at once I have finished this module. I think it will be good to watch at least two to three to get a good grasp on the basics of Unity3d. One of the beginner courses will be C# in Unity, so this will also help with our understanding of the C# language when correctly used within Unity3D.

Thanks for reading day 6 of my personal training and seems to be going a bit slower now. The thing that is slowing me down is this blog, as I am writing these posts after watching each lesson. Me slowing down is a good thing for me as it helps me remember the course. I will just have to spend some more time to catch up. I have completed just over an hour for my 6th day so I am currently at 6 hours and 30 minutes worth of lessons.