How To Create Blender Assets Quickly

If you want to know how to create blender assets then this tutorial by Mark Masters about Creating Assets in Blender, is the perfect start (Link). If you don’t belong to PluralSight, you can get a free three-month full site trial by following the instructions on the home page of this site (Link).

blender assets

How To Create Blender Assets

The first thing you need to do is download and install Blender software. Blender is completely free, there are no paid versions. You can download Blender from the official site ( The second thing you must do is watch the blender basics course. The blender basics class is at this link ( and is completely free.

The primary method behind this lesson is to have a reference picture so that you can at least trace something that looks like the final object you want to create. For this course, we have a reference picture in the exercise files so remember to download the files you need.

We will take advantage of primitive shapes to sculpt your blender asset, in this case, a soda bottle. A cylinder will be the shape that is selected. The next steps are to choose the edge and extrude the cylinder up in order to match the shape of the bottle.

The Course Outline

The lessons look at everything that you will need to create a basic type object. The lesson might be a beginner. However, the object created is not.  The lesson covers the following aspects:

  1. How to use a reference file to model the object.
  2. How to smooth the surface on the object.
  3. UV unwrapping the object so that you can apply changes to a flat surface area rather than a three-dimensional area.
  4. How to add a displacement map to add some texture to the object.
  5. How to assign a material to the object.

Frustrated With Blender?

There is a good chance that you will get frustrated at some stage of this lesson. If you are getting annoyed, then check out the issues that I was encountering.

  1. Use e on the keyboard to extrude.
  2. Shift + A to open the Add menu
  3. If more than two objects are select whenever you select one, and you only want to pick one. Go into edit mode, click on one of the objects, press Ctrl-L which will select the entire object, then press P which will open the separate menu, then select “separate by selection.” Your objects will now be separated.
  4. Use Ctrl-z – step backward if you want to undo what you have just done.
  5. Use Ctrl-Shift-z – step forwards if you have stepped backward too far.
  6. Shift and middle mouse button – move the around the screen.
  7. Shift + C – move 3d cursor back to the origin
  8. If you by mistake mess up the layout of your blender setup, follow the below instructions:
    • Click File, Save as, choose the filename and save.
    • Close blender.
    • Open blender.
    • Click file, open, click on your blender file AND uncheck “Load UI” on the left-hand side. Click open blender file on the top right.

Blender Course Conclusion.

I hope you enjoyed this post on how to create blender assets quickly.  This course set me back as far as my six-month project goes. I covered just over three hours in completing this course. I am now at 12 hours worth of learning, and I should be at 20 hours including today. In theory eight days behind. However, I am confident I can catch up, starting today.