Learn c# Programming With c# Fundamentals

Day one of my 6 month project to create a game and learn c# programming.  I have started with c# fundamentals from PluralSight and Scott Allen.  You can check out the course overview by clicking on this link Pluralsight.  If you do not have a three month trial of Pluralsight, just check out my home page on how to get a free three month trial.

Some of this article is based on the above mention lesson from Pluralsight.


c# Fundamentals

Photo by Sean MacEntee

I have a basic monitor setup as per the above configuration. I watch my Pluralsight training on the right side monitor. On the left I have Visual Studio open so that I can follow along.  Just remember that the best way to learn a new language is to actually code.

C# Fundamentals

Scott touches on the basics of C sharp programming as well as Visual Studio.  You will also create a simple and iconic program called “Hello World”.  This is just to demonstrate how to use some of the features of Visual Studio, how to debug a program and how to compile.

C# Classes and Objects

This is one of the most important lessons in C Sharp.  Its critical that you understand this as its the basis of object oriented programming.  You might want to watch this portion of the lesson a few times, or until you have a good grasp of the concepts.

Classes are written in C# in order to implement features of the program you are creating.  It is important to remember that classes also exist in the framework class library.  You wont get an error if you create a class that already exists in the library, however it just means you have duplicated work.

Learn C# Programming.

I have enjoyed my start and first lesson of how to learn c# programming.  The c# fundamentals will stand me on good stead once I get to the actual coding of my game project.  As mention in my other post, I will most likely spend a month (February 2017) learning the basics and intermediate level of C#, and then will start the actual coding of my game (March 2017).

I have now now finished 1 hour and 30 minutes worth of learning C#, so just another 178.5 hours more to go (1 hour a day for 6 months).  Finishing ahead of time is one of my goals, I feel that I need a buffer.  I want to make sure that I am ahead in the beginning so that I can spend more time on actual development.  The reason I want more time on development is that I might run into problems that require more training.