Object Oriented Programming Concepts in c#

If you want to program games in Unity3d, then you need to understand object oriented programming concepts in c#. C# is an object oriented programming language, even though you can do much more with c sharp.

This is the final lessons in the PluralSight course written by Scott Allen. This section touches on the basics of object oriented programming concepts for c sharp.  Just remember that you can get a free trial by following the instruction on our home page.  For a more detailed insight into OOP, you will need to find an advanced or intermediate course on PluralSight.

object oriented programming concepts

Object Oriented Programming Concepts in c#

The are three pillars that you need to be made aware of when dealing with object oriented programming concepts. They are inheritance, polymorphism and encapsulation which is the main pillar of oop.

c# Encapsulation

The primary pillar of OOP – hiding complexity that is not necessary to the user. A real life example would be the computer case (cpu case) that hides all the inner electronics.

c# Inheritance

Reusing code and reusing data. one class inherits members of another class which means you dont need to write new code. You can then right more code in the second class that inherited the members. A real life example would be a steering wheel for a base model car that is inherited by the luxury version and a steering wheel warmer is added.

c# Polymorphism

Reusing code and reusing data, and having more than one form. Polymorphism is the act of overriding what you Inherited. A real life example would be the computer case (cpu case) that had no inner electronics, it actually hold a hidden safe to store your valuables.


This concludes the C# fundamentals with visual studio 2015 course.  I enjoyed most of it however some parts I found quite boring, such as object oriented programming concepts and the methods lessons.

I will now be moving onto more interesting things I promise!  The next lessons are either going to be Blender character and object creations or a Unity3d course.  I will have to decide by tonight.  At this stage, Day 5 of my training I have completed 5 hours and 20 minutes worth of lessons.  This puts me one day ahead of my goal.