Pluralsight Review From A Real User

The focus on this PluralSight review is to add value to your decision on whether to go with PluralSight or a competitor. My review on PluralSight is tailored in such a way so that I do not benefit from your decision. All the links from this site are direct links to Pluralsight, and Visual Studio (They offer the free three-month trial). I will explain the 3-Month trial under the image below.

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Pluralsight Review

PluralSight Review – The 3-Month Trial

The free 3-month trial is explained in detail on my home page (  I don’t want to repeat it here again, or else I would have to update more than one page if anything changes in the future. Hopefully, that makes sense. Just click on the link above to visit my homepage (opens in a new tab) and follow the instructions.

The trial itself is a much better review than I could ever give as it allows you 100% full access to all the courses. Over a free month period, you could 90 hours of free training if you were able to find one hour a day! I have used the trial for my project on how to create a game in 6 months. I am using the trial for three months to learn the basics of C# (C sharp), Blender 3d and the Unity3d game engine.

PluralSight Review – The Good

  1. There are lots of different courses in different fields. You could train in software development, IT operations, Design, etc.
  2. Paths allow you to take a group of courses. The path will lead you from beginner classes to intermediate, and then finally to advanced. Once of the paths that I am using is the C# track. There are 16 courses in the C# group of courses, totaling 64 hours.
  3. Each course has a discussion board. The discussion board is useful for when you get stuck as you can post your issues and wait for the course author to respond. The authors are quick to respond.
  4. You can get a three month trial with no credit card or payment information required.
  5. You can bookmark courses that you can not do now. However, you want to save them for later viewing.
  6. Each course has a transcript available.
  7. Each course has exercise files available, and this is useful for when you get stuck.

PluralSight Review – The Bad

  1. For point 3 above. If you are using a learning path, you can not reach the discussion board. You will have to find the actual course to go to the discussion board. I find this issue slightly annoying.
  2. Some of the courses are outdated. Courses that are outdated is not a problem if the software doesn’t update very often. The old classes are an issue when dealing with software that changes versions, e.g. Unity version 4 vs Unity version 5. You can get around this issue by looking at the course description or the date that the course was created.


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