How To Program In Unity C# For Free

There is a particular path you should take when you are figuring out how to program in Unity c#. It doesn’t really make a huge difference what you do first. However, I will give you the order I think you should use to become proficient enough to be able to program a game using c# in unity.


how to program in unity c#

How To Program In Unity C#

There are two trains of thought when it comes to learning how to program in Unity c#. The first train of thought is to learn through creating a game in a tutorial format. The other train of thought is to learn individual commands and what they do.

My personal preference is to learn the commands first. You don’t need to remember them all, just go through them once so that they are at least at the back of your mind.

You can get a free three-month subscription to PluralSight by following the instructions on our home page. Once you have the subscription, you can look at the below mentioned tutorial.

Step 1 (Can be skipped)

Introduction to C# in Unity by Joshua Kinney, the link is

In the above introduction tutorials, you will learn the foundations of scripting with C# in Unity. You get to learn C# by completing a mini project. Be aware that this is for Unity 4.3, that being said, this is still good practice for C#.

I am 100% confident that there is not a better place to learn individual c# scripting commands than from the source. You can learn c# commands at the following official unity training.

Step 2 (The commands)

Most of the c# unity commands have a short video explaining what they do. The commands are in example format. The videos are mostly from 1 to 5 minutes in length.

Step 3 (Creating a Game)

The following link is also from the official Unity site.

The above link will take you to the following tutorials.

  1. Roll a ball tutorial.
  2. Space shooter tutorial.
  3. Survival shooter tutorial.
  4. Tanks tutorial.
  5. 2d roguelike tutorial.
  6. 2d ufo tutorial.
  7. Adventure game tutorial.
  8. Procedural cave generation tutorial.

Each of the above tutorials will lead you through the creation of a complete game. Each game will have a significant amount of programming included. Learning through doing is without a doubt my favorite way to learn.

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