Unity Terrain Tutorial For Beginners

Day seven of my project continues with the Unity3d course by Joshua Kinney (Link). If you are looking for a unity terrain tutorial for beginners, then this is course will help you. It would help if you looked at the previous lesson as it also has a fair amount of unity terrain information (Day 6) that fits in perfectly with this lesson. You can follow along, however, if you don’t have a free subscription to PluralSight then go to our home page to find out how to get setup.

Unity Terrain

Unity Terrain Tutorial – Foliage

On the previous unity terrain tutorial, we created the necessary ground, painted the terrain and also added assets to our scene. In this part of the lesson, we are going to add foliage to the scene. You will get to import some more Unity3d packages, and this one is for the environment. Colors will be important here, specifically when you think of foliage in the dessert as most of this grass is going to be brownish. The lesson does a good job on explaining how to change the colors.

Shining Light On Your Terrain

Adding the right type of light to your terrain helps add realism to your scene. The light in the Unity scene adds shadows, and the shadow is controlled be the rotation of the light under the hierarchy tab. It doesn’t matter where the position of the light is, just the rotation. You can test this by playing with the rotation and watch the shadows change in real time. If you try changing the position, you will notice that the shadows don’t change at all.

Particle Systems For Your Terrain

The particle system adds an impressive effect to your game terrain. In the beginning, I was not sure what this would do for the terrain. However, I was impressed with what it can do. In the game example, we will be creating a dust particle system and will learn how to import this standard package from the Unity store (free version). The lesson also goes into relevant detail on what the options are in the particle system and what they do. I must say that there are a ton of choices.

The End Of Unity Terrain Lessons

I only spent about 40 minutes on this module as I did not want to stretch the Unity terrain lessons over three posts. This 40 minute takes me to just over 7 hours worth of lessons, so on day 7, I am basically at 1 hour a day which is my goal. I will be starting day eight now so that I can add some buffer time to my 6-month project.

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