Unity3d Game Developer Overview

Unity3d Game Developer software is probably the most popular game development software on the market today. Unity Technologies introduced the game engine to us in 2005.  This company is based in Copenhagen, Denmark. This program quickly brought them into the spotlight, and it has since gone on to become a multi-national company with headquarters in San Franciso. Their stated goal is to “democratize game development,” making almost anyone with some knowledge able to create their own video games.  Large video game development companies like Nintendo, down to Indie game developers, use this software.

Unity3d Game Developer

Unity3d Game Developer

Game developers create their games in a 3D interface, which probably contributes to the name. Unity combines a few different things, like a code editor, the game engine, and the IDE itself.  All this combines the different aspects and brings the different “pieces” of the game together, such as allowing a developer to run a test showing the game in action. “Integrated development environment” is more or less a fancy way of saying all features of a game, from sound to graphics, can be written in the program.

Unity3D is so flexible that it is able to cover a wide range of game development.  It’s easy enough for the beginner, yet complex enough, for the advanced developer. This all goes back to Unity Technologies’ original intention: to make game development accessible to everyone and anyone.

You can use C #, a dialect of Javascript, Boo, or UnityScript to program your games. A person wanting to use Unity3D should have knowledge in one of these programming languages.

Unity3D Intuitive Design

At the end of the day, Unity3D is so popular because it works at what it sets out to do and has a very intuitive design. According to VentureBeat, “Few have contributed so much to the flowing of independently produced games as Unity Technologies,” and the company has won multiple prestigious awards over the years. The latest version of the software is Unity 5, which has likewise received high praise.

If you want to become a Unity3D game developer just download the free software on its official website (https://unity3d.com/).  Any games developed in the free version will have a small Unity watermark.  An upgrade to the pro version can remove the watermark. When you are starting out, it is best to use the free version of the Unity3d game development software.  You can upgrade to Pro version later if you become profitable at creating games.